We are a young professional company driven by the desire for excellence. We are engaged in Importing & Distributing

superior quality Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Cranberry & Raspberry. Our ranges of frozen berries are graded to

strict quality standards. The unique processing techniques allow us to seal in the juices and natural flavors of the berries

while maintaining the original shape of each berry. Our IQF berries are packed in corrugated fiber cartons & poly bags.

This ensures that each IQF berry is “fresh frozen” and protected from damage or shipping shock. Our office is located in

the city of Bengaluru, from here a specialized team of people take care of the logistics and monitors the cold chain until

the fruits reach our client’s destination in the right order.  We see to it that our imported fruits are in conformity with

USDA standards and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s HACCP program.




To supply our customers with the best fruit produce, which will be relished each time they taste it.




To be a synonym in the minds of our customers for providing fresh, excellent, top quality fruits.



Our Aim is to provide the best quality fruit together with exceptional levels of service in line with our customer needs. In order to

achieve these objectives; we have set ourselves the following guidelines to practice.



                                                                                Quality: We source according to our customer requirements

                                                                                Service: We never give a chance for our customers to point at us

                                                                                Timing: We deliver according to the timelines set by our customers