Berry Ice Creams

We believe Ice creams can taste their best only with finest ingredients. Our ice creams are created by blending only the best quality berries in small batches to attain the most flavorful & the freshest products every single time. And thus we have come out with the Brand Name – Berrylicious (Berries + Delicious)


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We at Berrylicious have sought to Innovate & Introduce new Berry related products to be Experienced & Cherised.



Our Range of Exotic Natural Ice Creams are 100% Natural.Ingredients used are only Milk, Milk Fat, Cane Sugar & Berries to create some irresistable mouth watering Berrylicious Ice Creams. We have hand crafted the Natural Ice creams with 100% Natural Whole Berries. This Ice Cream does not contain any ADDED PRESERVATIVE or COLOUR or FLAVOUR.

Everything is Natural with our EXOTIC BERRY ICE CREAM.


Flavors Available are
















We’ve always loved our ice creams to be delicious, That’s exactly what we have done, made it a whole lot creamier so that it just melts away. And yes we have used 100% Natural berries for our ice cream.


Flavors Available are:






















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